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Has anyone played or purchase Code Hero?

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[url=""]Code Hero - game that teaches you how to code[/url]

Has anyone played this "game"? Any thoughts or opinions on it? It seems to teach you Javascript and some 3D graphics/game coding. It looks interesting but I wonder if it is really does what it says.

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It was a dollar to get the game when it was on KickStarter (you can actually still buy it for $1), so I bought it but hadn't installed it.
I just installed it after reading this thread - after 30 minutes, my initial thought is: I'm glad I picked up a copy, but I'll stash it away and play it in a year when the game is more stable.

Too buggy. They are calling it a 'beta', but 'early alpha' is my first impression.

But as far as the idea goes, yea, I can definitely see myself learning Javascript/Unityscript through it... but I already know C++ and have messed around with a few scripting languages in the past, so with the Javascript it's basically teaching me syntax. In it's current state, I think someone unfamiliar with programming would be really confused.

But hey, it's in not yet finished and I only gave it 30 minutes, so we'll see what comes out of it in a year or so.
They raised $170,000 so hopefully they make something cool. I don't expect them to, "change the world" as they proclaim, but at only $1, I don't lose anything if they fail to do so.

My suggestion: Buy it at a dollar now and go play it in a year or so.

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