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Michael.Van    122
Hello everybody! 1.My friend and I want to build a web site about mod making since this may be the first site totally dedicate to mod making in my country,please give us some suggestion about what shall be put on the site? 2.We''re going to make our first mod about Halflife give us suggestion about what it shall be. (We plan to make a sinple-player mod) Thanks

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Gaiiden    5710
Hey there Michael. Well since there are so many games that can be modded making a mod site is hard, generally people make mod sites based on their fav game to mod such as Quake or Half-Life or such and such. There are plenty of general rules to modding that you could put on a website, but usually it's best to create a site about one game. What you may want to try and do, however, is create a mod site that cover mod generalities and then network with other people who want to create mod sites for a single game and use your site for a hub, so your site becomes a good launchpad into modding in general and then into modding for various individual games.

Can't think of anything for your mod tho, sorry

Oh, an even better idea would be maybe to direct your visitors to this forum to ask questions? Until you get your own up or whatever. I'm still trying to get people in here.

Drew Sikora
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