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WIP Indie project "Codename : STARSHOOTER"

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I've posted a sort of "open test" of AI dodging behavior.
It's a realtime 3D demo, running in browser - so you need the Shiva3D webplayer

You'll find details here on the web
You can test it, if you wish. And please, don't be afraid to tell me what you think.

Shiva3D webplayer is required.

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Today, I'm starting my campaing on IndieGOGO.com to raise funds for my game Codename : STARSHOOTER.

You can find the campaing here http://www.indiegogo.com/starshooter

I hope you'll find all the needed information there, I tried to describe everything as clear as possible.
Here you find some info about the perks, you can get :

Ship Designs

Logo Designs

As I'm mentioning in the campaing,
[size=7]Every help counts !

If you cannot or just don't want to contribute, but this project still interests you, please, spread the word. Tell about Codename : STARSHOOTER to everyone you know, family, friends. If you have your own blog about games, I will gladly read your opinion about the project there. If you're a editor for some internet magazine, please spread the news. Write about it, curse or praise. Any reaction will help me make the game better. Personally I hope, that you wont let me alone in this !
Thank you for your time,


Václav Mazaný

Edited by Taurris

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Just to give a bit of update. About how the development goes.
I'm pretty much finishing the Boss fight scene and I was thinking about posting the scene on the web as a playable demo. I thought I might ask, if there's anyone who would appreciate it icon_wink.gif and actually try to play it ?
I'm not sure if it's a good idea to post such things, but hey it might be interesting to see some fragments of the game, no ?

More info here :

Yeah and some new screenshots icon_smile.gif ... more on the web, be sure to check them out icon_wink.gif
I had a bit hard time optimizing the scene, but finally I did it.
Before I was making the nebulas with particles, but it was causing too much overdraw on mobiles. So I changed it to few textured billboards instead.

screenshot_006.jpg Edited by Taurris

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