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Creating object in external class

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Hello, I am creating Java game, it is my first game, so I am still a noob in that case. I got stuck in one thing:
I have created main menu, after selecting start new game, user must select weapon (ex. dagger with JButton), this is how it looks:

public class GUI {

public GUI() {

public void initGUI {

(..................some methods.........................)

final JButton newGame = new JButton(new ImageIcon(..));
newGame.setLocation(250, 420);

final JButton buttonDagger = new JButton(new ImageIcon(..));
buttonDagger.setLocation(250, 420);

class NewGameAction implements ActionListener {
public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e){
frame.add(new Barracks());

class DaggerAction implements ActionListener {
public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e){
Weapon w = new Weapon("Dagger", 3, 8, 5);
frame.add(new Arena());
buttonDagger.addActionListener(new DaggerAction());
newGame.addActionListener(new NewGameAction());

Class DaggerAction is inside initGUI function, is an initialization of daggerButton, after clicking on that, dagger must be created. So my problem is, how I can reach that Weapon w object? Or maybe there is an option to create it's copy somewhere during DaggerAction initialization? Or maybe there is an other way to initialize such select thigs? I will really appreciate your help, thanks. GUI is the main class which handle all the graphics. And I want to appear weapon object in Barracks class, which is initialized after starting new game.

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