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DLLs in UDK for a Multi-User app?

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Hey guys,

This is my first post here, i'm completely newbie both on game maker and forum user, i apologize if i made any mistake and misunderstanding (with my poor English LOL), please forgive me if that really happened.

I like ask some question about UDK, for my planninged (started plan but nothing is done so far) project. It's a Multi-Player game base on a ready-made game engine.

The UDK is the Top 1 choice for me, so i want to ask something about it.

Before i ask anything, i have to say, i'm using a Free version without license because i don't planning to sell it or making money from it (Too soon to assess), so, i will not able to use the UDK Server function. Besides, my game is not so good to work with that thing. I will make my own server for it using TCP for better anit-cheat and some other important features. And that's the all questions coming from.

First, i want to know if is possible to make a C++ class for UDK (with DLL) for establish a persistent TCP connection? (Connect to server when game start, and close connection when game exit.)

My working flow should like this:

Second, Can i directly use C++ class to control game data? like change player HP or create new AI NPC, or even call Unreal Script?

Third: Can i create multi instance for C++ class in a singe called UDK class? or can i have sub class in my C++ class?

Last: if UDK cannot do those things, will Unity3D can?

Please give me a answer, Thank you.

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