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Unable to read the UNWIND_INFO of ntdll

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I'm trying to read the unwinding information in ntdll.dll.
for some reason I'm getting weird results. I thought I was doing something wrong, but then I used "dumpbin" to see what it gets me, and I received the same.
00002BD4 00016FAA 00016FCF 00141991
00002BE0 00016FCF 0001701B 0014355D
00002BEC 0001701B 00017060 00144CCD
00002BF8 00017060 00017067 00124440 --> from here forward, it's ok...
Unwind version: 1
Unwind flags: None
Size of prologue: 0x07
Count of codes: 3
Unwind codes:
07: ALLOC_SMALL, size=0x48
03: PUSH_NONVOL, register=rsi
02: PUSH_NONVOL, register=rbx

The 3 first lines display the address of the runtime function info, the start and end address of the runtime function and the address of the unwinding information.
I can find the first 3 lines myself with my program, but what I get when reading it makes no sense.
Does anybody know what the 3 first "runtime function" that I can also see with dumpbin (But I can't see their information) mean?

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