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Breakout/arkanoid clone, level editor

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Hello guys!

I've been looking for help to create a blog and asked people to help me and give tips at this thread at flashpunk forum:

So I started a breakout/arkanoid clone game to make some tutorials and analisis to my future blog. I built a level editor and I want you help if you could make one or more levels it would help me a lot, sure I'll test it all and aprove or disaprove. In my level editor you can put a phrase, url, whatever you want so it ll be displayed at this level! Links will not be allowed but in my blog I can put links there and some thanks page for help!

So here is the link of the level editor: (you can use for your own projects) :

some screens:


And a sample:

<level id="X" msg="Love is in the air!">
<brick x="40" y="120" value="12"/>
<brick x="40" y="140" value="12"/>
<brick x="80" y="100" value="12"/>
<brick x="120" y="80" value="12"/>
<brick x="160" y="80" value="12"/>
<brick x="200" y="80" value="12"/>
<brick x="240" y="100" value="12"/>
<brick x="280" y="120" value="12"/>
<brick x="320" y="120" value="12"/>
<brick x="360" y="100" value="12"/>
<brick x="400" y="80" value="12"/>
<brick x="440" y="80" value="12"/>
<brick x="480" y="80" value="12"/>
<brick x="520" y="100" value="12"/>
<brick x="560" y="120" value="12"/>
<brick x="560" y="140" value="12"/>
<brick x="560" y="160" value="12"/>
<brick x="520" y="180" value="12"/>
<brick x="480" y="200" value="12"/>
<brick x="440" y="220" value="12"/>
<brick x="400" y="240" value="12"/>
<brick x="40" y="160" value="12"/>
<brick x="80" y="180" value="12"/>
<brick x="120" y="200" value="12"/>
<brick x="160" y="220" value="12"/>
<brick x="200" y="240" value="12"/>
<brick x="240" y="260" value="12"/>
<brick x="280" y="280" value="12"/>
<brick x="360" y="260" value="12"/>
<brick x="320" y="280" value="12"/>
<brick x="80" y="120" value="12"/>
<brick x="80" y="140" value="12"/>
<brick x="80" y="160" value="12"/>
<brick x="120" y="100" value="12"/>
<brick x="160" y="100" value="12"/>
<brick x="200" y="100" value="12"/>
<brick x="400" y="100" value="12"/>
<brick x="440" y="100" value="12"/>
<brick x="480" y="100" value="12"/>
<brick x="520" y="120" value="12"/>
<brick x="520" y="140" value="12"/>
<brick x="520" y="160" value="12"/>
<brick x="280" y="260" value="12"/>
<brick x="320" y="260" value="12"/>
<brick x="240" y="120" value="12"/>
<brick x="200" y="120" value="12"/>
<brick x="160" y="120" value="12"/>
<brick x="120" y="120" value="12"/>
<brick x="360" y="120" value="12"/>
<brick x="400" y="120" value="12"/>
<brick x="440" y="120" value="12"/>
<brick x="480" y="120" value="12"/>
<brick x="440" y="200" value="12"/>
<brick x="400" y="200" value="12"/>
<brick x="400" y="220" value="12"/>
<brick x="200" y="220" value="12"/>
<brick x="200" y="200" value="12"/>
<brick x="160" y="200" value="12"/>
<brick x="120" y="180" value="12"/>
<brick x="120" y="160" value="12"/>
<brick x="120" y="140" value="12"/>
<brick x="480" y="180" value="12"/>
<brick x="480" y="160" value="12"/>
<brick x="480" y="140" value="12"/>
<brick x="240" y="240" value="12"/>
<brick x="280" y="240" value="12"/>
<brick x="320" y="240" value="12"/>
<brick x="360" y="240" value="12"/>
<brick x="280" y="140" value="12"/>
<brick x="320" y="140" value="12"/>
<brick x="440" y="140" value="12"/>
<brick x="160" y="140" value="12"/>
<brick x="240" y="220" value="12"/>
<brick x="360" y="220" value="12"/>


Press TAB key to show/hide menu, where you can choose bricks, save, load, import, export or delete all the project!

Press 2 key to enable/disable the eraser, so you can delete bricks.

Press 1 key to show/hide grid, when you hide it you can place the brick wherever you want, if the grid is shown you must place it at a slot.

How to send me the levels? Simple, in menu (press tab) you can export the level to a file, so copy the content and post here! It's all XML so you can use at your games too!

Thank you! smile.png

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