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Adam West

red november game unresolved external

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hey there, im making a quick fps game with irrlicht and i've stumbled upon a flaw already.

i keep getting an unresolved external symbol from the linker at compile time:
the code looks fine to me? can you help me?


#ifndef MAIN_H_
#define MAIN_H_
#include <irrlicht.h>
using namespace irr;
using namespace core;
using namespace scene;
using namespace video;
using namespace io;
using namespace gui;

class redNovember
// always initialize class-members in the constructor - especially set pointers to 0!
redNovember() : device(0), driver(0), smgr(0),guienv(0)
void initIrrlicht();
void renderScene();
int shutdown();
IrrlichtDevice *device;
IVideoDriver* driver;
ISceneManager* smgr;
IGUIEnvironment* guienv;
extern redNovember SYS;

// every other global you would need can instead of being global just be put in here.


#include "main.h"

void redNovember::renderScene()
int redNovember::shutdown()
return 0;
int main()

///put main shit in here


#include "main.h"

void redNovember::initIrrlicht()
device = createDevice(EDT_OPENGL, dimension2d<u32>(800, 600), 32,
false, false, false, 0);
device->setWindowCaption(L"Project: Red November");
driver = device->getVideoDriver();
smgr = device->getSceneManager();
guienv = device->getGUIEnvironment();

this is the error output:

Error 1 error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "class redNovember SYS" (?SYS@@3VredNovember@@A) C:\Users\adam\documents\visual studio 2010\Projects\RedNovember\RedNovember\main.obj

thanks in advance :)

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You've declared the extern variable SYS but never actually defined it. Define it someplace and the error will go away.

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