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standart camera code is messing up my world sectors D:

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my problem is the following, if I only do translation or Y rotation everything looks fine.
But as soon as I do X rotation my sector get "seprarated"


this is my init

private void initGL() {

GL11.glEnable(GL11.GL_TEXTURE_2D);//texture mapping
GL11.glShadeModel(GL11.GL_SMOOTH);//smooth shading
GL11.glClearColor(0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f);//couleur de fond noire
GL11.glClearDepth(1.0);//setup du buffer de profondeur
GL11.glEnable(GL11.GL_DEPTH_TEST);//permet le test de profondeur
GL11.glDepthFunc(GL11.GL_LEQUAL); //le type de test de profondeur a faire
GL11.glMatrixMode(GL11.GL_PROJECTION);//selectrione la matrice de projection
GL11.glLoadIdentity();//reset la matrice de projection
// Calcul l'aspect ratio de la fenetre
(float) displayMode.getWidth() / (float) displayMode.getHeight(),

GL11.glMatrixMode(GL11.GL_MODELVIEW);//selectionne la modelview Matrix
GL11.glColor4f(1.0f,1.0f,1.0f,0.3f); // Full luminosité, 30% Alpha
GL11.glBlendFunc(GL11.GL_SRC_ALPHA,GL11.GL_ONE); // Blending mode one
// met les melleur parametre

any problem in it? (projection mode or something)

as for the rendering algorythm, I don't think that there is any problem with it.
since each cube is placed according to the previous one, if one of them is out
of sequence then all of them are..

I made a function that draw cube where I want (from the current position, which is the last drawed cube).
I have 16x256x16 sectors containing 65k cubes
a world is 9x9 sectors large.

I draw the world line by line

world top view
|Sec Sec Sec <- World line 3
|Sec Sec Sec
|Sec Sec Sec <-World line 1

and a sector is drawed layer by lawer
(see videos)


GL11.glTranslatef(xtrans, ytrans, ztrans); //starting position
//drawing each sector
for (int zsect=0 ; zsect < displayArea; zsect++)
for (int xsect=0 ; xsect < displayArea; xsect++){
chunk = world.getSector((short)xsect, (short)zsect);
//drawing each layer
for(int yc=0; yc<256; yc++){
for(int zc=0; zc<16;zc++){
for(int xc=0; xc<16; xc++){

chunk.drawCube(xc.yc.zc,0.5f) //0.5f is a x translation
GL11.glTranslatef(-16.0f, 0.0f, 1.0f); //goes where line+1 of the layer is starting
GL11.glTranslatef(0.0f, 1.0f, -16.0f); //goes where layer+1 is starting
GL11.glTranslatef(16.0f, -256.0f, 0.0f); //goes where the next chunk on the line is starting
GL11.glTranslatef(-(float)(displayArea*16.0f), 0.0f, 16.0f);//goes at the beginning of the next chunk line

video examples, chunk generation :
world generation

camera code

private void readAndAct(int delta) {
//delta is to sync with fps
if(Keyboard.isKeyDown(Keyboard.KEY_ESCAPE)) { // Exit if Escape is pressed
done = true;
if(Display.isCloseRequested()) { // Exit if window is closed
done = true;

if (Keyboard.isKeyDown(Keyboard.KEY_Z)) {

xpos -= (float) Math.sin(heading * piover180) * 0.03f*delta;
zpos -= (float) Math.cos(heading * piover180) * 0.03f*delta;


if (Keyboard.isKeyDown(Keyboard.KEY_S)) {
xpos += (float) Math.sin(heading * piover180) * 0.03f*delta;
zpos += (float) Math.cos(heading * piover180) * 0.03f*delta;


if (Keyboard.isKeyDown(Keyboard.KEY_D)) {
heading -= 0.25f*delta;
yrot = heading;

if (Keyboard.isKeyDown(Keyboard.KEY_Q)) {
heading += 0.25f*delta;
yrot = heading;

if (Keyboard.isKeyDown(Keyboard.KEY_PRIOR)) {
lookupdown -= 0.25f*delta;

if (Keyboard.isKeyDown(Keyboard.KEY_NEXT)) {
lookupdown += 0.25f*delta;
if(Keyboard.isKeyDown(Keyboard.KEY_SPACE)) {
ypos += 0.05f*delta;
if(Keyboard.isKeyDown(Keyboard.KEY_C)) {
ypos -= 0.05f*delta;

any idea?

thanks =D

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