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Unity Indepth guide(s) on making a singleplayer RPG?

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Can some nice people here maybe help and give some link to tutorials focused on game programming in making a singleplayer RPG?

It can contain tutorials on programming too but I want mostly on how to design the game technically in code with game loop, interface, classes, character creation, combat, quests, items, world creation(houses, roads etc), etc etc.

I am planning on using unity engine and c#. It will be a 3D game isometric game (oldschool style) and probably zone based as in when you walk into the edge of screen you'll enter a new zone.. but zones are somewhat big too so screen will follow character movement within the zones.
The tutorial doesn't have to fit the above description but it's a bonus of course.

I am medium skilled at programming in c++, just rusty and never made a game before just exercises mostly in console.

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I noticed [url=""]this[/url] on the App Hub msdn site that you may be interested in checking. Honestly I'm not far enough into XNA to be able to figure out everything that it's doing but it is a full, if short, RPG written in C#.

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It is unlikely you will find anything. I have never heard of such a thing as making a tutorial on how to make an RPG, especially from the ground up, and in terms of code.
I waited a while before replying to see if anyone knew better than myself, but now I feel fairly confident in saying that what you seek simply does not exist, mainly because logic dictates that it shouldn’t exist.

#1: You want something that explains class hierarchies. This is entirely subjective and there is no single right way to go about it. This kind of thing is usually avoided in tutorials unless there is a clear and full-spectrum solution that would work on virtually all RPG’s. If the tutorial is about how to make an RPG, then it is expected that the same ideas could be applied to more than just the RPG being made in the tutorial. But RPG’s, and all games for that matter, vary so much that a tutorial explaining this to the level required to be that flexible would simply be impractical.
#2: Anyone who gets an idea to write a tutorial on how to make an RPG will have the mindset of a designer. The tutorial will cover aspects of design and design only. No one thinks, “I will make an RPG tutorial. I will show them how to code it.” No, it is about the idea behind the story, not the code.
#3: Anyone willing to make a tutorial about how to [i]code[/i] an RPG will instead correctly make a distinction between a tutorial on how to code (in general) and how to make an RPG (from a design standpoint). A tutorial on how to code in general will be useful to many. A tutorial on how to make a moving RPG storyline will be useful to many.
A tutorial on how to code just an RPG? No sane person would waste so much time on such a specialized topic.

I would suggest simply forgetting this subject. Learn how to code using tutorials that are meant to teach coding. Think about making an RPG when you have the skills necessary to do it and have had enough false starts to know what kinds of things to avoid. Experience can’t be taught, only learned. So start learning it.

L. Spiro

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Thanks Skibum but I think I found a great one wihle googling..

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This topic is 2100 days old which is more than the 365 day threshold we allow for new replies. Please post a new topic.

If you intended to correct an error in the post then please contact us.

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