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Disabling implicit conversions in typedefs?

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If I have a struct:
struct Point
int x;
int y;

And I typedef it:
typedef Point ScreenPoint;
typedef Point WorldPoint;

Is there anyway to disable the 'WorldPoint' to 'ScreenPoint' implicit conversion?

I want to enforce having to convert through a function, to minimize errors (if math is needed to convert from ScreenPoint to WorldPoint for example).
ScreenPoint mousePos = GetMousePos();
WorldPoint positionInWorld = mousePos; //Error!

//Should be:
WorldPoint positionInWorld = ScreenToWorld(mousePos);

I find the number of conversions between units in my project to be getting a little out of hand, and I'm trying to enforce a more rigid conversion.
I could basically copy and paste a 'Point'-like class three times, and rename them, and provide conversion functions, but I was wondering if there was some way I could just typedef 'Point', and provide stand-alone functions for conversion.

If I typedef them, however, wouldn't I have implicit conversions to worry about? (Point to ScreenPoint, or Point to WorldPoint, or more serious, ScreenPoint to WorldPoint?).

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Not possible, I'm afraid. To the compiler, typedefs don't really introduce new types.

EDIT: You _could_ derive both WorldPoint and ScreenPoint from Point.

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Not that I recommend doing this, but you can make a template to wrap a type, and then combine it with a macro to manufacture more isolating typedefs:
#include <iostream>

template <typename Data, typename Token>
struct Wrapper {
Data data;
explicit Wrapper(Data data) : data(data) { }
operator Data() {
return data;

#define Wrap(WrapperName, Underlying) struct WrapperName##_WrapToken; \
typedef Wrapper<Underlying, WrapperName##_WrapToken> WrapperName

Wrap(Foo, int);
Wrap(Bar, int);

int main() {
Foo foo(5);
std::cout << foo << '\n';
Bar bar(4);
std::cout << bar << '\n';
foo = bar; // Error: no known conversion

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