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Need Help : error: syntax error before `*' token

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Until this topic posted, i didn't found the solution. This thing made me told there's something wrong in the MinGW Developer Studio. Or perharps, it's only my depression blink.png .

This is the codes i wrote :

Mix_Music *music = NULL
//additional musics
Mix_Chunk *muks = NULL;
Mix_Chunk *music2 = NULL;
Mix_Chunk *music3 = NULL;
Mix_Chunk *music4 = NULL;


void clean() {
Mix_FreeMusic( music );
Mix_FreeChunk( muks );
Mix_FreeChunk( music2 );
Mix_FreeChunk( music3 );
Mix_FreeChunk( music4 );


bool load_files() {
music = Mix_LoadMUS( "vq.wav" );
if( music == NULL ) { return false; }

muks = Mix_LoadWAV( "01.wav" );
music2 = Mix_LoadWAV( "02.wav" );
music3 = Mix_LoadWAV( "03.wav" );
music4 = Mix_LoadWAV( "04.wav" );
if( ( muks == NULL ) || (music2 == NULL ) || (music3 == NULL ) || (music4 == NULL ) ) { return false; }

then, the error was :

--------------------Configuration: my project - Debug--------------------
ini.cpp:21: error: syntax error before `*' token
ini.cpp: In function `bool load_files()':
ini.cpp:223: error: `muks' undeclared (first use this function)
ini.cpp:223: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each
function it appears in.)
ini.o - 3 error(s), 0 warning(s)

any suggest? mellow.png

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You forgoet a ";" from first line of code.

This is correct. Your first bit of code is:

[color=#660066]Mix_Music[color=#000000] [color=#666600]*[color=#000000]music [color=#666600]=[color=#000000] NULL
[color="#000000"]You're missing the semicolon after the NULL.

[color="#000000"]Sometimes, when you see an error from a compiler and it points to a line that looks okay -- in this case, it's probably indicating the line
[color=#660066]Mix_Chunk[color=#000000] [color=#666600]*[color=#000000]muks [color=#666600]=[color=#000000] NULL[color=#666600];
which looks fine, you should take a look at the line (or the code) above the error. The C++ compiler processes code from the top down and certain errors confuse the parse enough that it cannot pinpoint the source of the error with complete accuracy.

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