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Anders Karlsson

Zerofall - Tetris and Sudoku had a child!

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I would just like to tell a little about my Android puzzle game Zerofall! smile.png

Zerofall is a puzzle game with dropping tiles. It flirts with classic games such as Tetris, Bejeweled and Sudoku, but with a new and addictive puzzle game idea. The game logic is easy to learn but hard to master. The game has beautiful graphics, animations and retro chip style background music.

The Zerofall game board is full of number tiles. New tiles will continuously fall from the top and the main target is to remove existing tiles. The goal is to clear the levels and of course get good scores. Tiles are removed by sliding falling tiles to existing ones, which will change to the sum. If a falling tile changes existing ones to zero then those will disappear.

Zerofall encourages you to play smart. This is done by removing multiple tiles at same time. Removing only single tiles will cause a visible penalty bar to increase. When that bar is full a terrible line of extra tiles will appear at the bottom and the game speed will increase. On the contrary, removing multiple tiles will reduce the penalty meter and give bonus scores. This gives a good and fun balance between stress and thinking. With an increasing difficulty and many levels to clear, Zerofall will keep the players busy for a long time!

Zerofall comes with 60 thrilling puzzle levels as well as an arcade mode with slowly increasing difficulty. The scores in Zerofall reflect skill, speed, endurance and a bit of luck. To help new players Zerofall has an intuitive interactive tutorial.

Zerofall has Scoreloop support for global high score lists. That means that you can compete with your friends or the whole world!

Here are a video and some screen shots of how it might look:


half_zerofall_main_menu.jpg half_zerofall_butterfly_introtext.jpg half_zerofall_heart.jpg

half_zerofall_cute.jpg half_zerofall_mushroom.jpg half_zerofall_slalom.jpg

Zerofall is available on Google Play in two versions:

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