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Muzzy A

Sprites are scaled and not full drawn

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I dont know why, this is what is going on in my code.

IDirect3D9 *d3dDevice;

class Sprite
Matrix matrix;
IDirect3DTexture 9 *texture;
RECT srcRect;

float scale = 1;

srcRect = { 0,0,148,133 };

Matrix scaling;

// Set the location of the sprite
d3dManager->spriteManager->Draw(texture, &srcRect, &Vector3(0,0,0), &Vector3(0,0,0) ,D3DCOLOR_ARGB(alpha,255,255,255));

The image is 148 x 133. And it shows that it's rendering 148 x 133 like it's supposed to when im drawing it.
but it's scaled and cut off.


I dont really know what's causing it, any help would be appreciated. If you need more code i'll put more up.

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D3DX rounds the texture dimensions up to 256x256 for you in that case. Powers of two are beneficial in texture dimensions for multiple reasons (performance, mipmap sensibility, tidy physical memory allocation...). Some older hardware doesn't support non-power-of-two texture sizes at all.

You can force D3DX to load the texture in its original dimensions by using the [color="#000000"]D3DXCreateTextureFromFileEX function and supplying an appropriate flag to it.

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