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Two Errors With my code

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I am following along with this tutorial making a simple 2d Shooter. However I have came across a problem in my code. I am really new to programming I have never done it before. This is my first game where I am using scripts. so I am getting two errors.

First Error
Line(121,9): CS1525 Unexpected Symbol '}'

Second Error
Line(124,1): CS8025 Parsing Error

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
public class Player : MonoBehaviour {

enum State

private State state = State.Playing;

public float PlayerSpeed;

public GameObject ProjectilePrefab;
public GameObject ExplosionPrefab;

public static int KillCount = 0;
public static int Lives = 3;

private float ProjectileOffSet = 1.2f;
private float shipInvisibleTime = 1.5f;
private float shipMoveOnToScreenSpeed = 5;
private float blinkRate = .1f;
private int numberOfTimesToBlink = 10;
private int blinkCount;

// Update is called once per frame
void Update ()
if (state != State.Explosion)
//Amount to move
float amtToMove = Input.GetAxisRaw("Horizontal") * PlayerSpeed * Time.deltaTime;

// Move the player
transform.Translate(Vector3.right * amtToMove);

// ScreenWrap
if (transform.position.x <= -13.5f)
transform.position = new Vector3(13.4f, transform.position.y, transform.position.z);
else if (transform.position.x >= 13.5f)
transform.position = new Vector3(-13.4f, transform.position.y, transform.position.z);

//Fire projectile
Vector3 position = new Vector3(transform.position.x, transform.position.y + transform.localScale.y / 2);
Instantiate(ProjectilePrefab, position, Quaternion.identity);


void OnGUI()
GUI.Label(new Rect(10, 10, 10000, 20), "Kill Count: " + Player.KillCount.ToString());
GUI.Label(new Rect(10, 30, 60, 20), "Lives: " + Player.Lives.ToString());

void OnTriggerEnter(Collider otherObject)
if (otherObject.tag == "Enemy" && state == State.Playing)

Enemy enemy =(Enemy)otherObject.gameObject.GetComponent("Enemy");


IEnumerator DestroyShip()
state = State.Explosion;
Instantiate(ExplosionPrefab, transform.position, Quaternion.identity);
gameObject.renderer.enabled = false;
transform.position = new Vector3(0f, -5.0f, transform.position.y, transform.position.z);
yield return new WaitForSeconds(shipInvisibleTime);
if (Player.Lives > 0)
gameObject.renderer.enabled = true;

while (transform.position.y < -2.8)
// Move the ship up
float amtToMove = shipMoveOnToScreenSpeed * Time.deltaTime;
transform.position = new Vector3(0f, transform.position.y + amtToMove, transform.position.z);

yield return 0;

state = State.Invincible;

while (blinkCount < numberOfTimesToBlink)
gameObject.renderer.enabled = !gameObject.renderer.enabled;

if (gameObject.renderer.enabled == true)

yield return new WaitForSeconds(blinkRate);
blinkCount = 0;
state = State.Playing;



If this isn't enough information please feel free to ask me below and I will provide more. Thank you for your help cool.png

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There is no line 121 or line 124 in the code snippet you posted (it stops at line 120). Did you trim/reformat it before posting (or does the site's code formatter do it automatically)?

You are missing a semicolon on the last line of code.

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a semicolon at the end of Application.LoadLevel(2); fixes the problem but it gives me another error (86,104): error CS1729:The type 'unityEngine.Vector3' Does not contain a constructor that takes '4' arguments

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