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2D sprites and ambient light

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I want to make all sprites that are not in my spot light to be hardly visible.
Only when I come near enough to light them up with my spot light should
they be fully visible.

This is how it looks:

Question is: How do I make sprites less visible when not in my spot light?

Thanx for help.

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I have a question about BlendState.

Is it possible to make sprites outside of my spot light blend into dark ambient light with BlendState?


I kinda made sprites in my spot light translucent and those far away normal but I don't really know if I can make them blend with the ambient light sad.png

This is what I use to make the effect on the screenschot:

private Color _ambientLight = new Color(.1f, .1f, .1f, .1f); // for HLSL

public static BlendState BlendBlack = new BlendState
ColorBlendFunction = BlendFunction.Add,
ColorSourceBlend = Blend.One,
ColorDestinationBlend = Blend.One,

AlphaBlendFunction = BlendFunction.Add,
AlphaSourceBlend = Blend.SourceAlpha,
AlphaDestinationBlend = Blend.One

Any help or tip would be helpful.

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Well, for one, I don't think you want to toy with the Alpha (bringing that down is what'll make them translucent).

Additionally, if that's a 3d light (as I assume it is) you could just render the sprites on textured quads. Could be more effort up front, but give you the visual effect you're after.

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It looks like your drawing the lighting fx then the sprites on top of it. Play with the order of what you're drawing, if you haven't.

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