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C++ Exercise

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Hello! I wasted my entire easter holiday laying around doing nothing and I can't do this anymore. I need to work more. So i decided to make a "project" kind of thing where everyone could post exercises and we can help each other solve them. I actually need basic ones because i realised i don't know basic stuff like: finding if a number is prime. Really simple things like this can be sometimes hard to find on your own and can later help you because you can easly implement it.
The first thing i want to know is where i could make 2 threads...(a mod should help me here).

The first thread: Containing all the exercises in this form or with a few modifications. We should stick as much as we can to a standard tough.
Problem no. 1
//Difficulty: Beginner
Write a code that reads 10 numbers, checks if the numbers are prime and shows a total of prime numbers read.
//Example: Input|2,5,6,3,12,6,7,25,2,8 Output|5

The second thread: Like a forum that helps people solve the exercise.
Problem no. 1
I don't know how to check if a number is prime. Can someone help me?
//You may even add sample code here

Waiting for a mod to tell me where i should make the threads, or if they already exist and I didn't see them.
Also if people know any other sources of practice/exercise, I would like to hear from them.

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