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class diagrams / design for an adventure game (rooms, objects, inventory)?

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Any links to existing design (e.g. class diagrams, database ER diagrams) for a basic adventure game - i.e. that has the aspects of:[/color][list]
[*]rooms/locations (which you move between)
[*]objects which you collect / use (which may have behaviours)
[*]inventory (i.e. items which you carry)
[*]rules (e.g. if you to want to open Door X, then you need Key Y)
I'm starting one and seeing that whilst I could develop/evolve a design, it would be better to leverage a tried and proven design. Perhaps there is some open source game software targeted at "adventure games" that exists? Like a template starting point, and I could look at the design they used. [/color][color=#333333]
My interest revolves around once you start have say 100 rooms/areas/places, with say 50 objects, and rules re what object is required to allow what to happen etc, then the design is going to start to be quite important else the game will start to look like spagetti... [/color]


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