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Maya MEL + API

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Hello, I've started to create a simple interface in MEL with some buttons that I will use to manage a simple scene to be ready for exporting. The exporter will be in C++ as a loaded plugin. I was wondering how is the best way for the MEL script to comunicate with the plugin.
The plugin is in this format:
DeclareSimpleCommand( export , "firm", "0.0");

MStatus hello::doIt( const MArgList& args )

//the code

return MS::kSuccess;

So. all the data that the MEL interface is saving how will the plugin will acces it ? For example I set only 3 objects in the scene to be exported and I'll do that by filling a vector in a MEL script that also uses an interface. When I hit export and the plugin is initializated I only can execute a command (expor) and an argument list. Should I use the argument list ?

Also, how can the plugin keed track of events happening in the scene without execute everytime the execute command of the plugin? For example if I rotate an object the plugin should be notified and execute another command (just a stupid example).

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