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Ideas for 2D Platform Game

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Hey Guys!

I am the sole developer of a 2D platform game. I have the engine functioning at the bare minimum level, and I'm looking for ideas to put in the game.
Here's the background for the story:

Story: There is a high-security government research space station that floats high above Earth's atmosphere. The facility, which is full of the smartest scientists in the world, is run by an incredibly intelligent AI, which feeds the scientists information from earth, sends the results of the scientist's experiments and inventions back to Earth to be mass produced, and keeps track of the station's systems. The AI 'get's a virus' (or something of the like) and begins screwing with the station's systems. It turns out that out of all of the incredibly brilliant scientists on the station, only you, the janitor, know how to turn off the AI's connection to the station systems.

Game Play: Basic 2D Side Scrolling Gameplay
The AI is jettisoning segments of the Station. (Gives the player a time limit in each level)
The AI is changing and reversing gravity throughout the station.
The AI is controlling the service bots around the station. (Provides Enemies)
I might put a "first contact" encounter in the game somewhere, I'm still working out the details

What I need is ideas for some quirky things that can be attributed to the AI. Things such as Moving platforms, exploding panels, doorways that crush people are the kind of thing I'm looking for.

Any ideas would be great. And when the game is done, I'd be happy to throw your name in somewhere. (I'm debating whether it's worth having a credits section as it's just me working on the game)

Thanks guys!

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Mess with the electrical installation to cause all sorts of screw up around the station (devices malfunctioning, stuff getting on fire, things exploding and throwing garbage around at high speed everywhere in the process, etc.).

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Jettisoning space station pieces seems quite self-destructive if you are a space station AI: they are your body.
I would explore the obvious and more fun strategy of luring the fleshbag player character inside an airtight room or set of rooms, remove air, and watch him suffocate.
This style of extermination has many advantages:

  • The AI needs time and effort to closlife-savinge player can waste that time and effort with good evasion plans, and hack open the doors that the AI tries to close.
  • While suffocation is in progress, the AI might need to fight him to avoid escape.
  • Weapons, maybe those of guardian robots, can blow life-saving holes into walls and doors.
  • Automated doors, which are going to have a prominent role, can both crush things and people caught when they are closing and be propped open with suitable objects.
  • You control the actual onset of suffocation, which can vary from the outcome of serious failure to an unavoidable time pressure factor.

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That's a nice game idea...

Here are a few ideas:
Power off/on - unexpectedly turning power off or on during some false breakdown claiming the repair
Air conditioning- wrong air composition, pressure, temperature
Breakdowns on various cooling systems- power generation, computing devices, food refrigeration
Shielding issues- unexpected louver's turning off
Fake alarms- can attract the player in the "right" place and then this part of the ship could be detached

Overall idea: make the virus the crazy scientist's, from the crew, child.
The virus should evolve during the time, and from his journal and arts you should find the clues how.
So the game would be a struggle between extinguishing local space base troubles and the designing the antivirus.
Drama of survivors on the troubling base versus personal drama of that scientist becoming crazy apparent from the journal and his "arts".

Design of the antivirus should be graphical something like building the spaceships by the slots modification. The goal is to have right spaceship on the right system's place waiting for the right signal ;-)

Regards, Osidlus

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