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Lighting on OpenGL polygon

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I am trying to implement some lighting on an eight sided polygon drawn with OpenGL. I have declared the type of light and how the surfaces react and position in my constructor:

ambientLight[4] = 0.3f, 0.5f, 0.8f, 1.0f;
diffuseLight[4] = 0.25f, 0.25f, 0.25f, 1.0f;

spotLightPosition[4] = -25.0f, 0.0f, -230.0f, 1.0f;

matAmbient[4] = 1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f;
matDiff[4] = 1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f;

Next I have an initialise function for the above:

void CNutObsticle::initialize()

glClearColor(1.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f);


glMaterialfv(GL_FRONT, GL_AMBIENT, matAmbient);
glMaterialfv(GL_FRONT, GL_DIFFUSE, matDiff);

glLightfv(GL_LIGHT0, GL_AMBIENT, ambientLight);
glLightfv(GL_LIGHT0, GL_DIFFUSE, ambientLight);
glLightfv(GL_LIGHT0, GL_POSITION, spotLightPosition);




If anyone has any ideas I would be grateful the code does compile but there is no lighting effect.


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Well, you're not even rendering anything in the posted code so it is quite difficult to guess, also, remember that OpenGL is a state machine, initialisating OpenGL in a game objects constructor is a bad idea (as the OpenGL state you set in that constructor will apply to anything you do after that object is constructed)

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you disable gllighting after initialization, glDisable(GL_LIGHTING); remove this line newxt thing that i cant use lightning when vars are just static i use this instead
float *diff;
float *amb;
float *pos; then diff = new float[4]; and some addontial things

glLightModelfv(GL_LIGHT_MODEL_AMBIENT, amb);
glColorMaterial( GL_BACK, GL_AMBIENT);
glColorMaterial( GL_FRONT, GL_DIFFUSE); and the way you do things initialize light set positions enable gl_lightiung and gl_light then render polygon and disable gl_light and then gl_lighting

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