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Actionscript 3.0, writing to file.

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I'm trying to write to a file in actionscript 3. The only way to do this I think is by using AIR. I'm using the flex-sdk 4.6 to compile the actionscript into the swf file and then following the guidelines on the adobe website [url=""][/url] to get this working but everytime I execute the adl.exe (or ./adl on linux) it just comes back with an error saying: "error while loading initial content". I've been at this all day and cant find a solution, ive trying changing the versions in the -app.xml files but this doesn't work either.

I'm using the flash.filesystem.*; package to read and write to files; if I execute the swf on a browser or on flashplayer it seems to just come to a stand still right after I declare the file object like so:

var file:File =File.desktopDirectory.resolvePath("out.txt");

I'm totally stuck as to what to do, is this the only way to write to a file in actionscript 3?


Never realized that the version number specified in the -app.xml was the current AIR version

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