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Recompile script at runtime

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Best part of working with scripts is that modifying them in real time.
I have been doing that by destroying and recreating the whole module.
It started to get slower and slower to compile them as script files increased.
I already know which file got edited, just need to remove it from module and recompile again.

Is there a way to just reload just a single file?
Or some idea how to implement such feature?

i don't need restore engine state at all.
all globals, objects, etc. may get reset. i dont care.

Thank you

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Currently there is no way to recompile just a partial script. The entire module has to be built as a whole. If possible, try to break the modules in smaller ones that can be compiled separately.

I've been thinking of different ways to allow partial recompilations, but it is not an easy subject and I have yet to find a completely satisfactory solution for this. The one idea that I favor the most at the moment is to have a build flag that would allow the application to include new script sections to an already built module, and when those are built they would overwrite functions and methods that has the same signature.

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