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A* Pathfinding Game Late-Bindable Component

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[b]The AStarComponent.dll is now available in the marketplace, within the software development section! [/b][img][/img]
[b] [color=#00b050]What you Get![/color][/b]

[color=#4f6128]The download zip file contains the 'AStarComponent.dll' assembly, designed to be usable in any other XNA project for the PC and Xbox-360. You can also use the bindable component in other types of projects, like simple WPF (Windows Presentation Format) projects for school demonstrations or for learning the A* algorithm. The 'AStarComponent.dll' assembly is designed for extreme performance, and was tested 1000 of hours on the Xbox-360 and PC.[/color]

[color=#4F6128]The download zip also contains a simple WPF [/color][color=#4f6128](Windows Presentation Format)[/color][color=#4f6128] 'AStarSampleApp', shown in the picture in the marketplace, which shows you how to use the A* pathfinding component. With this sample application, you can study the C# code to see how to call and create A* solution paths in seconds. The code shows how to start bind the assembly, initialize the internal A* graph, and make "Find-Path" solution paths in a matter of seconds! [/color]

[color=#4F6128]Feel free to use the code in any project you desire![/color]

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