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Clone meshcontainer

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Good day !

I have been working through the multi animation sample and Frank Luna's samples and have an application that clones the animation controller and the skinned mesh class that is based around Frank Luna's class but has been rewritten in the way I kind of write code.

I open the mesh which sets up an animation controller. The advance time is not called. I clone the controller to an stl vector and then the skinned mesh class is copied into a vector.

When I render without advancing the time, something is rendered but its close to the camera because the animation is not playing.

When I try to advance the time with the iterator, the app crashes because it cannot see the mesh container.

So, I guess I need to clone or copy the mesh container and was wondering what might be the best way to go about this.

DirectX 9, win Xp VC 2010.

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Ah, looks like I have resolved that one.

I think it was the way I was trying to copy the original. Instead of copying and then pushing back I pushed back the original so now I have a rendered animation that is being controlled by the animation clone.

Looks good. I shall try to add a few more instances tomorrow ( I need to sleep right now) and see how that goes, hopefully it should be ok.

Great place to bounce an idea round though (GameDev).

Nice one !

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Ah Ha !

Done it !

After a few hours sleep and a bit of jiggery pokery, Whooo, Whooo !

Heres an Image, I am a very happy Bunny tonight [img][/img]


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