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Debug Assertion Failed:(L"Buffer is too small"&&0)

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Hi to alll Devs.
Sorry i've been stuck for a few hours in here....
Ive got a not working little game that i must make it to work.
There is no errors now but the one attached.. i'v been looking around but nothing clear.

the last chage i made and maybe is that the problem. was in

swprintf_s( strBuffer, 512, strMsg, args );

identifier not found for swprintf_s.

so I add #include <wchar.h> in the header to make it work as seen that the little game use this instead of <stdio.h>.

Please help!!.

Any clue pointing or fresh ideas are more than welcome.

Thanks in advance for all your time.

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void TextRenderer::DrawFormattedTextLine( const WCHAR* strMsg, int x, int y, D3DXCOLOR colour, ... )
WCHAR strBuffer[512];

va_list args;
va_start( args, strMsg );
swprintf_s( strBuffer, 512, strMsg, args );
strBuffer[511] = L'\0';
va_end( args );

DrawTextLine( strBuffer, x, y, colour );

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