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glVertexPointer and glColor4fv

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I am using glVertexPointer to set my point coordinates. The only primitives I have are triangles. I could use glColorPointer, but all triangles - possibly millions - are the same color. So rather than using glColorPointer I would like to use glColor(3,4).

If I use glColor3f, this works just fine on my machine. However, if I use glColor4f and the transparency value is set, the resulting triangles are NOT transparent.

I'm wondering...:

1) Is it legal to enable VertexPointer but NOT ColorPointer? In other words, am I just lucky that the call to glColor3f on my machine worked when the true behavior when pointers are being used is undefined?

2) If this is legal - as I hope it is - is there anything special that needs to be done to make glColor4f work to get transparency? Or is this the result of a probable bug in my code?

The code is rather large and I cannot post it here. So I thought I'd just ask about the rules to make sure I'm using them correctly.


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