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I'm about to buy a book, please help me pick the right one.

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I decided to start learning c++. I have been doing the tutorial at and i'm about half way.

Now i would like to make games for windows platform with c++, maybe using cryengine, unity or other engine to help me. So now i would need to learn about how to create games on windows platform and learn the win api.

What book would you recommend? Can be any book i can order from amazon.

Thank you for your time.

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Unity doesn't use C++, it uses C#, Boo and/or JavaScript. That said, its still a very good choice. There are over a dozen books on the subject, so picking one can be tricky. [URL=]This Unity book roundup[/URL] should help.

CryEngine on the other hand is much easier to recommended a book for, [URL=]this is it[/URL], as its the only book.

I'm not so sure CryEngine is all to beginner friendly though.

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