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Yet another beginner :D

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Hello guys,

I've read a few articles on game programming but somehow it was not "that" helpfull so i thought i'll dive right into it.
That is what I did. I produced some code but I know it is not good programming though.
That is why I am posting here, to get advices from people that have knowledge about it [img][/img].

This is a tiled game, made with C++ using the SDL library using the LUA lib to take care of the config part.

currently taking care of the map loading form an image file, every pixels is a tile.

I know there's not so much sources but I don't want to go any further without having people to check it.

As I read earlier : you never think about the work ahead when you start a game [img][/img], now that i'm into it, can't think otherwise [img][/img]
Obviously let me know if you want to know more [img][/img]

So here is my git : [url=""][/url]

just to point things that could be useful, the main.cpp is just a way to see if everythings is working ^^ I haven't took care of the gameloop yet, =). Sorry for the lack of comments, i've been alone on this so if you want me to put some i can :) Edited by Shaihuld

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I only quickly looked through your files, but from what i saw your code looks clean and readable, which is very important.

You will HAVE to make sure to put some comments in there though, not only so other people can read your code, but also for you, so you don't forget your code when you have thousands of lines of it, and you come back to it later, because variables like "t" and "ta" just don't mean much by themselves. You don't have to comment every line, you can just comment chunks of codes, or lines of codes that are not explicit. You really need to give your variables more meaningful names, and I would also suggest using a naming convention such as the hungarian notation.

This is only a start though, so just keep doing what your doing. You can post here if you have any specific problems or questions about what to do ;) Edited by iedoc

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hi, thank you for your answer :).

Main concern atm are : get the display class, really OUT of the way of the "engine" so i can change it when i want to opengl or just to plain text ;). Other concern is loading the map into memory using a bmp file.

I will take care of the comment part soon :)

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