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Stress Testing

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I've written a dissertation project which includes a client and game server application. To stress test the application, I've built a special client which hits the server with a huge number of connections, and run the test twice with two server configurations.

If I presented you with the total connections completed, average time to complete those connections and average CPU/Memory usage of the server - and concluded that one configuration was better - what information about the tests would you want to know in order to believe me?

It might be difficult to say without knowing specifics about the application, but perhaps there is something general?

- Server Hardware?
- Network Link Speed?
- Number of server threads used?
- Time duration of the tests?

Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated.

Many thanks :)

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Just accepting connections should be virtually free if you used a good implementation strategy; you should be able to handle a few hundred thousand sockets before noticing any significant degradation of service.

Accepting connections [i]and processing requests from those connections[/i] is much more interesting, IMHO.

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