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Best platforms to start game dev

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I am a C# and Java software developer who wants to start game development as a hobby. I have an idea for a simple puzzle game. What platform is the best for a beginner in game development, but not programming itself? In the past it was only PCs, but now we have smartphones, tablet, consoles etc. I see many popular games are on several platforms, but how do you know which platform to choose first?

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I'd agree with the above users: PC is a good choice for a beginning game programmer, whether they have prior non-games-programming experience or not, [i]unless[/i] they happen to have a lot of non-games experience with a popular alternative platform; someone experienced in making business apps for iPhone might choose to also develop games for that platform for example.

Why PC?
[*]There are lots of really good tools, and lots of resources for learning how to use them. This isn't always true of other platforms.
[*]There are lots of examples and tutorials for PC development that just work -- no messing around porting the ideas to your choice of platform.
[*]There's a huge choice of useful libraries to make life easier for you -- many other platforms might not have so many available, or might require additional work to get them working.
[*]It's simple to develop and test on the same machine, allowing for a quick feedback cycle.
Even with your prior programming experience, I would suggest at least one game for Windows PC before considering other platforms; this will allow you to focus on the particulars of developing a game without any additional headaches that targeting another platform can sometimes introduce.

Hope that's helpful! [img][/img]

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