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Better alternative for font in C++ OpenGL

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Hi there,

I am currently using the font trick from nehe tutorial in my game: (the tutorial)

this is the result in my game:


First of all, I am applying an alpha of 0.1 to the image and text with the following code:

glColor4f (1,1,1, alpha);

font->glPrint(text.c_str()); // Print GL Text To The Screen
// render the image the same way.

glColor4f (1,1,1, 1.0f);

2 problem:
- The alpha blending work with the image but not with the text.
- The text is choppy and pixelized. I am using "Calibri" height 28, bold.

So... My question is, is the a better alternative to writing 2D text on the screen without these 2 problems? Other than putting my font in an image and cutting it out in tiles of course.


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You probably want to use [url=""]Freetype[/url] to render your text to a texture and then just display that. Look into Texture Atlases and Knapsack heuristics if you want to really go in-depth.

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[url=""]BMFont[/url] is a tool that can be used to construct font texture atlases. Our very own Promit once wrote an [url=""]article[/url] about loading and using them.

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