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Luabind inside a Shared Library

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So, I've got Luabind et. al. setup properly and I'm trying to use it to fuel a binary extension module for Lua (i.e. a module for Lua written in C/C++). Unfortunately, it's been a long time since I've done anything C++ related and, frankly, I'm failing miserably. I've managed to get the following basic example running:

// helloworld.cpp
#include <iostream>
#include <luabind>

void greet()
std::cout << "hello world!\n";

// int luaopen_[libname] is the entry point
extern "C" int luaopen_libhelloworld(luaState* L)
using namespace luabind;


def("greet", &greet),

return 0;
The above, when compiled into a [i].so[/i], works as expected.

[code]require 'libhelloworld'
-- prints "hello world!"
Unfortunately, chaos sets in when I attempt to bind a simple class, e.g.:
class Test

void say() { std::cout << "Inside a class!" << std::endl; }

def("greet", &greet),

.def("say", &Test::say)
at which point the undefined symbols start flying as I try to load the library in Lua. Specifically:[list]
[*][i] ./ undefined symbol: _ZN4TestC1Ev[/i]
The literature on Lua binary modules appears to be archaic and almost every example I've come across is either in pure C or C-like C++ (e.g. the working example above). I realize the error is most likely caused by name mangling but I'm not sure how to resolve it. I investigated exporting symbols with GCC by using [i]__attribute__((__visibility__("default")))[/i], but that doesn't appear to have any effect. Some sparse documentation recommended appending [i]-WI -E[/i] to the GCC arg list and that doesn't appear to have done much either ([i]-E [/i]is just a preprocessor pass?).

The only other valid example I can find is the Ogre bindings to Lua (using Luabind) which doesn't use an entry point at all as far as I can tell. Unfortunately, I'm not entirely clear how they got away with that since anytime I try Lua - surprise - whines about not having a valid entry point.

I realize this should probably be elsewhere (like on the mailing list) but I was kind of hoping my problem was either obvious or a Luabind guru was somewhere nearby. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

[b]EDIT: SOLVED[/b]. I forgot to define the constructor. *hangs head in shame* My apologies folks, this is precisely why sleep is important. Edited by Kyan

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