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Looking for High School coding competition (video games & general)

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My boss has asked me to coach competition teams for a group of kids in a dropout prevention program... 2 years down the road. Right now I am doing a feasibility assessment.

The focus of the competition the kids will take part in will be their choice, so I can not anticipate everything. But I do strongly suspect programming / video game production will be in there.

[b]Do you know of any competitions that fit what I am looking for?[/b]

We strongly prefer that there be no registration cost, since the program is at no cost to the students.

The format of "show up for a competition, hack something out, get a medal, go home" is not for us. We are looking for a team oriented effort over a period of time.

Any other random competitions in other Science/Technology/Engineer/Math fields that you can think of would be appreciated. [no LEGO competitions: FTC/FRC]

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