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EnumObjects generates unahled exception

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I'm doing some discovery on my stick (X-52) and I'm getting an unhandled exception when I attempt to enumerate the objects on it. The drivers are the MS installed ones (as soon as I plug in my stick it installs them). I can't at this time install the Saitek drivers over it, so I'm stuck here now.

The callback prototype:


The call:

if( FAILED(hr = joystick->EnumObjects( ObjectCallback, NULL, DIDFT_ALL )))
return hr;

The callback function:


JSControlData *jscinstance = new JSControlData;

memcpy( jscinstance, ObjectInstance, sizeof( JSControlData ));


// keep going until we get them all.

The error:
Unhandled exception at 0x01342e73 in jsfind.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0xccccccd0.

It's happening in xutility, in the _Adopt function of the _Iterator_base12 structure. The parent is going in NULL, but I can't determine why.

If I build in release, it will get one object, then stop responding. And, yes, DI and the stick get created with no errors and I can get the capabilities as well, but I can't get info on each object.

Does anyone have any insight on this problem?

PS: Make that "unhandled" exception. I can't go back and edit the title. Edited by jfalstaff

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Solved. For some reason, STL is choking it. I'll look into this more, but I'll have to use straight C for this quick implementation. Edited by jfalstaff

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