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Martin Perry

PhysX 3.1 and Character Controller

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I am using PhysX 3.1 and PxController. Problem is with interaction of those objects.

1) In my engine, every object has PxRigidActor body (static or dynamic). If I add new object to the scene, body is automaticly created. But for some objects I need to use PxContoller, which has its own PxRigidDynamic. So question is, what should i do with old one.
Should i remove it from scene ? If I keep it, physics is weird for this object.
2) I need to rotate object with PxController. There is no way within conrtoller, how to do it. So I take PxRigidDynamic pointer and rotate it with setGlobalPose. Hovewer, in PhysX SDK documentation, there is written that this pointer should be used only for const operations. So, how to deal with this problem "correctly" ?

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