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Confused about move semantics

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This function was written by a code generator:

template <typename R>
Receive (::cmw::ReceiveBufferTCPCompressed<R>& buf
, ::std::vector<cmw::File>& az1
uint32_t headCount[1];
az1.reserve(az1.size() + headCount[0]);
for (; headCount[0] > 0; --headCount[0]) {
cmw::File rep2(buf);

My question has to do with the code in the loop. File.hh is here and File.cc is here. (All of the code in question can be downloaded here.)
If I change the last line in the loop to:

the size of the executable is reduced by 492 bytes. I thought that since File has a user defined copy constructor and destructor, the compiler wouldn't generate a move constructor for the class. I figured the compiler would ignore the std::move call and use the copy constructor and the two versions would produce the same size executables. What am I missing? Thanks.

Edit: The compiler is g++ 4.8 released a few days ago -- April 29th.
(I'm also wondering how to build just g++ when I download a gcc snapshot. It builds a bunch of Fortran and Java stuff that I'm not interested in.) Edited by wood_brian

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Someone on another newsgroup gave what seems to be a helpful explanation:


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You might want to compare the linker map files from the two versions. In my experience that usually tells you where size differences come from, as long as you can decipher the symbol names.

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