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iOS fighting game concept

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I just created an account here, so, first - I want to tell everyone - hello guys!

But let's get to the point.

I am a member of a scientific gamedev group. Yesterday, I've been thinking about a new project to start. Inspiration came from a boarding game I like: The King of Tokyo.

Genre: fighting game
Setting: big monsters fighting for dominance in places like Tokyo-like city, or an island.
Example monsters:
Godzilla-like, Mecha-Godzilla-like, Huge robot from outer space, Mutant Animals, Power Rangers-like monsters...
Goal: beat the hell out of the other player
Platform: iOS, other platforms to consider later
Why iOS? Fighting games on iOS are becoming popular recently and some classic titles like Soulcalibur or Marvel vs. Capcom get their iOS versions. Do You remember the fun of playing against the other player using the same keyboard? The fun from playing against each other in school, at a party, etc. using Your iPads seems comparable.
Mechanics: The fighting mechanics would be relatively simple - it's a game which could be made by a team of students. Three buttons - strong attack, weak and fast attack, block. Some combos to be implemented of course. How to make this simple gameplay interesting?
Here come the Plot Twist perks.
Each player can choose 3 perks before game and use each one of them only once.
Example perks:
Telepathy - block enemy's next perk
We're only making it stronger - enemy's next attack heals you instead of hurting with the same amount of energy
It has a child - if you get beaten, you resurrect, but with 50% power and 50% health

At the moment when perk activates (not at the moment when it's used!) an image of that perk dynamically comes to both screens and lasts f.e. for 1.5 second and then its effects apply

Players get experience points after each game, these points can be used to buy new, better cards.

Techincal stuff:
a) UDK for iOS (3D)
b) our own engine (3D)
c) our own engine (2D)
d) other, existing solution

My questions for You guys:
Do You like the idea? What are the potential weaknesses? Do You know any games which implement similar gameplay? Edited by Badroof

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iOS = touch controls = terrible for a fighting game. You could do pretty much everything else right and still have a game that sucks thanks to the platform. Furthermore, 9.7" screen is tiny if you need physical room for the hands of two people.

The system description barely describes anything. Is there any movement/zoning/range play at all? What kind of move priorities are there, and what kind of frame advantages do the basic moves cause? Does "block" do damage, give frame advantage, or what?

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like you said the game concept is much like that of classic fighting games (soul caliber, street fighter, etc) however, a game with very limited moves as well as a one on one fight may get boring pretty fast. especially with little to no plot. If i were to work on a project like this i would consider adding a few things.

- a small backstory to each character and why they want to acheive world dominance
- Combo's
- A Story Mode
- Multiplayer Fighting
- Destroyable Backgrounds
- Humans vs Big Monster (retaliation)

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