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Eliad Moshe

Constructing a 3D terrain using map services API.

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Hi guys,

I want to create a 3D terrain using a depth map provided by a map services API (cloud based|offline) such as Google maps | Bing Maps during real time.

There are three important guidelines:
'0'. High speed.
'1'. Very high resolution depth data (1m or less).
"10". World wide coverage is a '+'.

I noticed that Google Maps resolution is quite poor

Is there any recommendations or suggestions regarding which map services provider to choose? Edited by Eliad Moshe

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'0'. High speed.[/quote]
If it's cloud based, then for any non-casual amount of data you'll need to buy a commercial license or be banned after a few requests.

If it's downloadable, speed doesn't matter.

I noticed that Google Maps resolution is quite poor[/quote]
10-15m is about as good as it gets. Individual features may be available at slightly higher resolutions.

I know some people who build a drone with LIDAR and they can scan surface at 5cm resolution. But it's been a while and I'm not aware of them getting any further, one would need hundreds of drones along with appropriate budget and manpower, as well as lots of permissions to scan any meaningful area. There's definitely nothing at global scale.

Keep the data size in mind. The only data about Google Maps I can find is from 2006 and they claim 70TB.

Then there's the usual disclaimer, data like this is heavily restricted, so read the licensing terms.

I also prefer to work with C++ or C APIs,[/quote]

API for what? Edited by Antheus

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NASA provide global height for free, at a pretty crappy resolution - cant recall offhand, maybe 100m, for download.

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