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24H Game Jam May 25-26

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Hello! In order to celebrate the end of the school year for me and my friends, we are planning a game jam and would love to have you join us online!
It will start May 25 (Friday) at 10 AM MST and end May 26 at 10 AM MST. If you have better date suggestions, post here.

A random topic/mechanic will be chosen from the following list, and everyone will base their games on that topic:

-Electricity & magnetism
-Paper clip/pen/random object
-Gravity in space
- Growth
- Common sense
- Thrust
- Walking
- Bending/folding

The topic will be announced on this post May 25 at 9:30 AM.
If anyone sets up a Skype/chat room to socialize, feel free to post it here (and use this board to talk as well).
Game submissions should be posted here as well.

-No game engines: all code must be your own besides graphical/multimedia (SFML etc.) and built-in libraries (XNA is OK)
-No adult content: If your game has adult content, warn the player before displaying your game
-You may have a pre built code base (collisions, tile maps, physics etc.) as long as you made it yourself (or your team). Everything but the game can be pre built
-Teams of 4 or less are allowed, but solo is recommended
-All art & music should be made by your team during the jam
-You will gain experience with rapid prototyping and game design
-Possible publicity for your game/team
-A game you can further develop
-Fancy award print offs for Best Tech/Programming, Most Humorous, Highest Quality, Best of Jam, Best Minor, and Most Innovative.
-It will be fun smile.png
-All ages and experience: everyone's welcome!

Our goal is to have ~5 teams. If the goal is not met we will still do the game jam (it just won't be as fun). Edited by makuto

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Final bump! Remember, 10 AM MST is when I will post the topic and the games will begin (to be made).

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The topic is...
Everyone get started! Edited by makuto

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