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gDebugger with C# and OpenTK

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I have some trouble with gDebugger and my application - my application is written with C#, windows forms and OpenTK.
Now, if i start my application with gDebugger, everything is fine - except, gDebugger can't break the application or monitor things like framerate, cpu usage etc.
A few months ago, i remember that i started a c++ application without these troubles, everything worked fine!

My System:

NVidia GeForce GT545M
Intel Core i7-2630QM
4 Gb of Ram
Windows 7 x64 (Up to date)

gDebugger from http://gremedy.com (Up to date, 5.8)
Visual Studio 2011

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Yep. I know... and what have they done? They removed NVidia GPU support.... when you start your app, it says "You don't have an AMD GPU installed. GPU Debugging will be disabled"...

I hate them for this... >_<

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After searching tons of webpages, i found the solution in google's cache, from support.gremedy.com (Down due an database error).

"[color=#000000]in c:\Program Files\Graphic Remedy\gDebugger you'll find two folders: \spies and \spies64.

[color=#000000]Copy the Opengl32.dll file from theses folders to the same folder as the application you want to debug (use the one in \spies for 32-bit apps, and the one in \spies64 for 64-bit apps)."

Now, it works very good smile.png

[Edit] Found out that only "Kernel Debugging" disabled, when using AMD gDebugger...[/Edit] Edited by Lunatix

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