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Saucer: My Ancient DOS Games.

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I was forced to upgrade to 64 bit-Windows 7 Recently (My computer burned out).
To my horror, my old 8/16 bit games do not work any more.
I decided to save them from doom by capturing videos of them before I have no way of viewing them anymore

This is "Saucer".
An 8 bit DOS game I made for fun.
It was programmed in C and Assembler.
I did it to learn how to do optimized Assembler graphics.
Back then messing around with video memory was da bomb. (All the cool kids were doing it :-) )
The effort paid off! I could rotate sprites in real time on my 486 DX in real time. And it all ran on 400k conventional memory!!!

So here it is...
Enjoy, and comment!
If you like it, I'll post some more of my old games.

The video is here:

You can download the game here (You'll probably need DOS-BOX to run it):

Game Instructions:
Navigate your flying saucer with the keyboard direction keys.
Control your tractor beam with the mouse.
Energy Shield -Left Mouse Button
Time Freeze - Right Mouse
Folow the red directional dot on your saucer to the closest settelment.
To abduct an earthling place your tractor beam over them for a 5 second duration.
Abduct all of the earthlings in a level to progress.
ESC to quit Edited by SillyCow

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