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What is happening here?

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EDIT: Nvm, this isn't the problem.

Gotta love it when a piece of simple and unrelated code stops working for absolutely no reason. angry.png

// Store the image sizes
mHeight = surface->h;
mWidth = surface->w;

I haven't touched this file all day, and it decided to start giving me problems for no reason. The "surface" variable is an SDL_Surface. I set a breakpoint right after these two lines and surface is an object, and both h and w have valid and expected values. mHeight stores the h value as expected. mWidth does not store the value at all. If I swap the two lines, the same problem occurs to the second line of code.

Would the disassembly help?
13: mWidth = 0;
002219C7 fldz
002219C9 push ebx
002219CA fst dword ptr [esi+4]
14: mHeight = 0;
002219CD fstp dword ptr [esi+8]
38: // Store the image sizes
39: mHeight = surface->h;
00221A19 fild dword ptr [eax+0Ch] // Convert h to a float and store it on the stack
00221A1C lea ecx,[eax+0Ch] // store the address of our converted h value into the ecx register
00221A1F push edi // Push whatever is in the edi register onto the stack?
40: mWidth = surface->w;
00221A20 add eax,8 // Add 8 to the eax register? I.E. point eax to the w variable?
00221A23 fstp dword ptr [esi+8] // "copy the value on the top of the floating point register stack to ... another variable"

(I did do Windows updates last night, did the VS Service Pack 1 break something?) Edited by CirdanValen

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It's unlikely that the SP broke anything; what is more likely is that the original code never worked properly in the first place, but somehow managed to get the correct result owing to a compiler and/or linker bug that has since been fixed by the SP.

If code in a completely unrelated place starts breaking the first thing to look at is memory corruption. You probably have a bad pointer somewhere else and are scribbling over this memory.

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Thanks for the reply. The problem isn't those variables. VS debugger seems to try and hide as much information as it can from me, so the only way I can really debug is to cout all the values I need to check.

My problem is, I'm drawing sprites to a RenderTexture. However, the whole RenderTexture becomes the color of the very first pixel. I can't figure it out because I know both the sprite and the RenderTexture are working correctly in other areas of the code.

EDIT: Solved the problem dry.png I have no idea what it is about writing forum posts that make me magically realize the problem. Edited by CirdanValen

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