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Jacob Kinn

Critique this please

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Hello everyone, I am working on a game interface design for an interface design class and need some constructive criticism on several parts of the interface design for a game. Obviously, this is just a written plan for the interface and does not include the graphical representations of what it should look like, nor will it for now. I would just appreciate a quick synopsis of your thoughts. Thank you!

Example Part I – First, the game is designed as a first-person shooter and aerial combat simulator for the PlayStation 3 (possibly the PC and other consoles, as well), based on Operation Iraqi Freedom in which the player would fight his/her way through the battlefield, trying to steer clear of IEDs, and using equipment, such as tanks, helicopters, and jets, to win the war. I have designed the controls as closely to other games of this type in order to maintain a sense of consistency within the field. This means that the x button would be used to interact with objects in the game, as well as selecting menu options and things of that nature. L1 would be used to aim the character’s current weapon and R1 would be used to fire said weapon. As a “sand-box” game, the player would have much more control than in other first-person shooters and would allow the player to do things which are normally only done in role-playing games: such as swimming, flying, and interacting deeply with non-player characters. The triangle button would allow the player’s character to dive while swimming, eject while flying, and switch weapons while on foot; although, the button configuration would be completely customizable as well.

Example Part II – The menu system will be available from the start menu and in-game by pressing start. The different menu options, such as save, load, quit, volume, button configuration, etc., will be available in the main menu, while weapons selection, character customization, and other game-play menus will be available by pressing L1 or R1 while in the menu.

Example Part III – Pressing the x button while near a vehicle will allow the character to enter the vehicle and operate it until the player either exits by pressing triangle or when the vehicle becomes too damaged to move, or is destroyed. When the player enters the vehicle, a separate graphical user-interface will appear, as well as a vehicle damage indicator, which will allow the player to see how much damage has been done and decide whether they should eject or not.

To everyone who takes the time to read this and critique, thank you again!

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