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3D Skeletal Animation

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Trying to make my skeletal animation to work I came into the state of confusion and misunderstanding.
I know that this topic is not new and there are plenty of those everywhere, yet they don't answer some of my
questions or sometimes they bring even more confusion. I'm sorry about starting a new though, I hope you

I'm working on CPU skinning and using Direct3D10 with C++
I know how skinning works, you create a mesh in 3ds max (for example) then u create bones hierarchy and assign
vertices to the bones with weight (which contains influence value). Vertex may have more than one weight.
Knowing that I export skeletal hierarchy with custom plugin from 3ds max, then I export vertices with associated
weight, however I'm not sure how to export bone's (joint's) orientation (quaternion) and translation (vector3) and
how to use them in the game. (then I might need a scale as well I guess)

All I know is that I should export bones with local space tranformation and then in the game I must multiply them
by parent bones with influence (from weight) to get a World tranformation for the bone. Then I use this world
tranformation to move vertices.

But some resources say I must also export bind pose and somehow multiply my bones tranformation by inverse
transformation of this bind pose. So this is what makes me confused, what should I do?

1. What do I need to export from 3ds max in order to get my skeletal animation working?
2. Do I need to export local tranformations of each bone?
3. Do I need to export bind pose? And if so, how would I use it?
4. How would I calculate world matricies of the bones? (in order to use them on my verticies)

So if you could help I would really appreciate that.

Thanks! Edited by SoulSharer

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