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[Android] AdMob question

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sheep19    494
My android application is ready now. In the coming week I will put some money into my credit card to purchase the $25 license for android.

So today I was checking out the AdMob website and Google for this.

On the AdMod website, I see this:


It asks for the link to my app on the market. As I said above, my app isn't on the market first.
I made a small search on this, where I understood that if my app isn't on the store yet, I should leave the URL field blank. Then I will be transfered to a new page where I will be able to download the code and embed it into my application.

[b]But what about if my app is already in the market? Nothing different?[/b]

Also, I found and downloaded the code ( and read this tutorial about how to declare an AdView in XML:

and this as well:

So I did it, but because I can't find my AdMob ID (maybe because I haven't published/registered my app yet) I left the

field as it is. When I ran the project on the emulator, it crashed. I checked a bit on stack-overflow and found someone that posted his ID, so I copied that and used it. However it still hasn't worked. On the url is posted above ( it says something about a minimum 3.2 SDK version?

This is what it says:
[b] Requirements[/b]
[*]Make sure you have the [url=""]latest copy of the Android SDK[/url] and that you're compiling against at least Android [b]v3.2[/b] (set target in to android-13).
[*]The Google AdMob Ads SDK for Android requires a run-time of Android [b]1.5[/b] or later (set android:minSdkVersion to at least 3 in your AndroidManifest.xml). This means you can develop with the latest version of the Android SDK and your app will still run on an earlier Android version (1.5 minimum).

Can someone explain to be how am I supposed to use it when I publish my app? Should I publish it first without ads and re-publish it with? Or embed the ads and publish the first time?
And what about the minimum required version? (My friend has 2.2 and I've seen some ads on some applications).

Thank you. Excuse my English.

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SillyCow    1461
Publish your app without ads first.
Make sure people like it.
Make sure you spend time improving it by peoples comments.
I find that this is the best part about the whole Market/Play/App-store environment.
Don't worry about ads at first(Admob doesn't pay well until you have a huge install-base).

It took me about 4 hours to integrate AD-Mob into my app (From a point of knowing nothing about it).
And another day's work to refine the banners' placements.
I did this around 3 weeks after releasing.

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