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SDL Middle mouse button issue

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Ender1618    254
I am writing an app with the latest stable SDL and I am having a problem consistently detecting the middle mouse button event. I am on Win7 64bit, but this is a 32-bit app for now.

The problem is that I have (and alot of people have), a 3 button mouse, where the middle mouse button is also the mouse wheel. I have an action that takes place during a drag of the middle mouse. What I am finding is that due to the middle mouse button also being the wheel that the wheel is often moving slightly when i press middle mouse. This causes me not to receive a middle mouse event. It is happening sporadically but is really annoying to the user. I have confirmed that if the wheel in rolling during a depression of the middle mouse button, that the middle mouse event never gets registered.

Has anyone ever encountered this problem? Any possible solution?

Thanks for any assistance,

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