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Based on the designs, would the game benefit from 2D or 3D?

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I wanted to know, based on my designs, if the game's characters would work better in a 3D enviroment or 2D enviroment? I decided that, if I ever make a game, I would provide the concept art, while somebody else would either turn them into 2D or 3D art within the game. The game design's gameplay works in either in 2D or 3D.

These are, by the way, antagonists in the game, bosses if you will.







And now here are some of the playable characters{although a future version of the game is to have full customization, so the player can make whatever they want their character to look like within the confines of the game's system, but for now, I'm just focusing on whats neccessary}:



The knight is good in melee and is fully focused on that aspect while the princess is good at long range. bWV0l.gif azFSt.gif

There are other characters with different playstyles, such as being balanced and having both melee and ranged, or being highly defensive while relying on counter and return moves for damage dealing.

If I make the game, it would most likely be on a mobile device for its platform of choice. So given those specs, would it be better to just make it 2D or 3D? Is their a reccomended platform, like XBOX live market?{I don't have an Xbox of any kind.}

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Is this meant to be a ARPG or something else? You have the opportunity to explore more dynamic/dramatic animation and effects with 2D characters but unless the game design is intended for the player to constantly be learning and upgrading combat skill (visually changing the combat) it could get repetitive and boring in 2D. The style you are fond of here will be lost somewhat in 3D since much of the cartoony-look will be reserved for scripted moments or attacks.

A side note, your Gadro character cracks me up he looks just like a character I used to draw years ago when I was in school. I look forward to fighting him in the game!

Ultimately it will depend more on the game design choices you make and less about the character concepts. If the game play fits a 2D style then find some decent animators but if the game design asks that you need to do 3D then you'll get to experience the challenge of finding a crew of talent or a massively talented individual. Keep updating!

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It depends on if it goes 2d or 3d, but more or less, its a mix of action and rpg, but not in the same way as an action rpg though. I have a game design with a specific fighting system set.

Here are some other playable characters.{Although, in multiplayer mode, a person is able to choose any character that appears, including enemies and bosses with all their techniques and abilities, but not their exact power if its a high level boss.}

An Ogre looking monster, Lobster, Bee, Jesters, and Dragons are among the playable characters you can start out with in the game.















More Bosses, some of the playable characters are in these pics though:



Don't be fooled by this boss, it will be the small, but fatal type.


Puppet Master Boss.

High Defense Boss:



Funny boss:








I also believe in the use of unorthodox "weapons", like a magnifiying glass, which goes good with energy projecting.






Also, to give you an idea about the size differences found in the game, here is a chart showing the actual sizes of some of the characters in the game. This is important because a feature I want in the game is destructible enviroments like a paticular 2D PC game I played a few years ago which the name I can't remember at the moment. It was a game that was an emulation of a popular game from the 90s/80s I believe. I want the maps big enough for team battles, and I'm not sure what's the minimum requirement for graphics so that things can run smoothly on a handheld device. I hope I don't have to give up such a gameplay feature.

http://i.imgur.com/4NRMi.png Edited by Fulgrate

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I am not sure your experience with games or game development, but if you don't have previous experience in developing a game then I would suggest teaming up with another person on a project. Most people who successfully lead projects have experience in the industry, or multiple skills sets which help them overcome the inevitable hurdles.

There are so many things to consider beyond developing your game, things which no one person themselves can have the expertise or knowledge to deal with such as marketing, copyright, project management, finance, etc etc etc...

Until then keep working with your concept work, and don't worry too much on the if a game should be 2D or 3D an experienced asset development team will be able to produce either from your concepts. Edited by Cody.Rauh

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Only experience with game development is in two forms, as a hobby, where I spent nearly all the free time I had in highschool working on a game. 4 years of work = 2 hours of game story with illustrated cutscenes, and 200 different attacks and an entire land map drawn out using tiles to differentiate environments. I might as well put that time spent learning about game design and graphical components to use. That project showed me how time consuming working alone is and the output that results from it. The second was when I got here on Gamedev a while back, I did some graphics for about three games, only one actually making it to the final stages of development.

You are correct in that I don't know about all that you have listed{although I had a handy book on game design that talked about those things, such as marketing the game. Its dated though, late 90s/Early 00s. It had a lot of neat tidbits of information. Interesting book. I still have it, but haven't read it much since highschool.} http://www.amazon.co...39292151&sr=8-3

As a kid, I had already begun doing game design without knowing it, I had cut out cardboard to make a board, then on a seperate board, cut out many squares, drew different species of cetaceans on it, and had practically made a board game about whale survival. It was the first game I ever designed. I sort of modeled it after monopoly I believe, but had made many changes. I think I was in the late single digits when I had done this as at the time, I had no access to any kind of games so I had to make my own with whatever materials I could find.

Even though I'm a graphic designer now, I never let my interest in game design go and would from time to time, {every few weeks or sometimes months}, I would write a document for a new system fighting system from scratch. Something different from the tried and true formula of RPGs, but borrowing elements from various other genres. It was sort of an obsession, I really wanted to depict fights in a more exciting, dynamic, interactive way while keeping the smarts required in an RPG. I think I might have finally made that design in the past few weeks. Just trying to work out if its going to be in 3D off the bat or if going 2D, the initial design would have to be a bare bones version of it, but still give an idea of what the 3D version would be like.

I'm working on mock ups to show what the game would look like. Only thing I can attest to is the both my game design and art skills have had years of refinement. Now I just have to find a team to help make the game happen. I have a friend who is a musician, but other than that, I don't know of any other people that have skills that pertain to game development. Essential elements to the project, such as a programmer and sprite artists. Edited by Fulgrate

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