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[size=2]i'm not quite sure if this is the right place to post this, anyhow...

[font=Courier New]RobotManiaEsc[/font]

So I've been working on this small platformer game about a robot escaping an underground lab.
What I've got is a working titlescreen, some small animations and an in-game tutorial.
The thing is... I need to get this thing looking as good as possible and I need ideas of how to go on from where I'm at as of now.
Some rating would be appreciated as well biggrin.png

Download link:

(Also, I can't seem to narrow the game down to a smaller format. Any advice on that?)



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I confirm link is virus-free.. please compress your executable with Winzip, 7zip, Winrar or any other - it drops the file size to around 6MB.

Some initial feedback:
- there needs (imho) to be more visible space ahead of the player, as it is now I don't feel I would have enough time to react to an unexpected enemy showing up.
- I can't get past the elevator, the robot just keeps nodding, is it that you haven't done that part yet?
- I really like the art, it looks good enough with a slight retro touch yet doesn't feel like programmer art.

That said I think you could get better feedback about how to move forward if you also posted the source code (besides, just throwing a random .exe on a forum on your first post doesn't exactly inspire trust). And I think many people on this board will be interested in how you made your game and would love to take a look at the code - unless you don't wish to release the code and are just looking for design feedback, of course.

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