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For the last month or so I have been following a book and 3Dbuzz tutorials in order to learn Unrealscript. I am beginner in programming, my main field is modeling and animation, but I wanted to test my self as indie so started using UDK and its tools. I am really love UDK and I kind of got hang of it. Licensing terms are also suitable for me. So as you see my choice is UDK and I do not want to go on any other.

Today I found out about this article:
Some of you may have seen it some may not.

The problem is that it says that Unrealscript will be removed and C++ will come as a replacement. Which is probably good, but is it good for me, indie game developer?

I have seen posts that talk about how beginners should not start with C++ and yet it is obviously the one that I need to learn. I am kind of demotivated when it comes to learning Unrealscript and yet C++ may turn out hard.

Should I stop to learn Unrealscript and move to C# and than on C++ so I can get the hang of it ? Or should I continue learning Unrealscript and once I feel comfortable with it move on C++ ?

What are your opinions on introducing C++ on Unreal Technology and if you have read the article about UDK 4 what do you think it would turn out, for professionals and indie ?

Thanks :D

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The main reason why Unreal Engine 4 has moved away from UnrealScript is Kismet 2. The new Kismet 2 is so powerful that it makes using UnrealScript kinda unnecessary.

What Epic always used to advocate was using Kismet and UnrealScript for programming gameplay where UnrealScript gives you more control and power than Kismet and C++ for the performance bits. Now with Kismet 2, indie developers can use it for all gameplay programming needs. C++ will still be an option for professional licensees looking for every bit of performance they can must muster.

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